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Strictly no SPAM

Spam is the term used on the Internet to describe unsolicited e-mail messages. These messages are also commonly referred to as junk, bulk or unsolicited commercial e-mail.
Our Policy Toward SPAM
IntenseDMC prohibits the use of our system for spamming. At our discretion we may, refuse to send any broadcast job, which meets commonly, accepted definitions of spam.
Policy Breech
Any IntenseDMC customer in breech of our policy may face termination of service or other appropriate actions. We require IntenseDMC customers to only use lists of e-mail addresses containing recipients who have given consent to receive e-mail from themselves. Customers must not use lists that have been obtained from public Internet forums or any source other than genuine opt-in lists. In addition to unsolicited messages, IntenseDMC also prohibits the delivery of illegal materials. We also require our clients to strictly follow the guidelines and policies set by the Government of Singapore with respect to sending emails and SMS.
Customers Responsibility
All recipients who have opted out have to be remove from client's list by client. IntenseDMC will strictly ensure the enforcement of this policy.
Abuse of the platform
Any abuse of our service platform, recipients can bring to our attention at abuse@intensedmc.com. Any IntenseDMC customer you believe has sent you e-mail that is unsolicited. Our abuse staff will investigate, take appropriate action and inform you of such.
At IntenseDMC, we provide our customers with reports of recipients who have asked to be removed from that customer's lists. We provide these reports to our customers so that they can clean their lists.